Using OpenStreetMap for Duke of Ed service

Hi there,

I would like to use OpenStreetMapping as part of my service section for Duke of Ed. Does anyone know if this is possible and who I would contact to get an assessor?


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As an OSM contributor and a DoE Expedition Supervisor, I think this would make an excellent service section. If your assessor needs help gathering evidence of your contribution, you can see all your edits at**username**/history

and you can get your total edits to report back.

Perhaps your could work on how accessible paths are? Mapping steps, number of steps and whether there are handrails? Good luck!

The osm wiki offers some information.

However, I am unsure what the requirements for an assessor are, that is something that there DofE organisation needs to determine, “assessor” isn’t really a title or concept in osm :slight_smile:

But I agree with @trigpoint , your next step could be to contact an experienced local mapper. They could potentially act as an assessor.

My understanding is that participants would need an “assessor” for each of the activity sections they undertake. So @ishmane is presumably looking for someone involved in OSM already to undertake that role, which I guess would involve working with them on a contribution plan, and then signing off that they had completed it. Possibly a good place to look would be a Local Chapter in the relevant country (assuming one exists). See Foundation/Local Chapters - OpenStreetMap Wiki .

I assume by Duke of Ed you mean Duke of Edinburgh Award?.

Abbreviating to Ed may not be clear outside the commonwealth, assuming I’ve not misinterpreted it and have gone of on the wrong track.

But maybe talk to your assessor first and maybe contact your country’s community.