Using open drone map (ODM) orthophoto in JOSM

Is there a way to way to use self generated orthophoto to edit OSM in JOSM?

I have tried unsuccessfully to upload them to open aerial map, but it seems to be broken.

Here’s what I did in general (I had to refer to Google for every step so I can’t remotely remember the details). I tried to put the geo-tif image as background layer (PicLayer plugin) but it didn’t work in my case. So I used QGIS to produce tiles at two different zoom levels from that tif image. Then, I tell JOSM to load those tiles by editing the imagery source (with all those x,y,z stuff in the link name) to point to that local tile directory. After that, you can just edit like usual.

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You can load every image as background in JOSM and align them manually.

There used to be a tutorial for the first part of this on the wiki but it suggested using a sever component to serve the tiles at the end (a bit overcomplicated for what I wanted, I just pointed at the local folder). I think it was focussed on using DigitalGlobe’s pre/post disaster imagery which is given as geotif rather than tiles, but I can’t turn up any wiki landing page for this in search this since the MAXAR merger.

Letting JOSM use them as tiles is a bit better than Piclayer IMO as IIRC Piclayer doesn’t let you fix alignment to existing data?

This response on a previous thread might also be a slightly easier way to do it locally, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

Edit: the tutorial was actually focussed on Sentinel 2 imagery. It is quite out of date but the link is here for interest.

Thanks a lot for all your replies. It seems that there isn’t any easy way. If open aerial map would allow uploads, this would surely be the easiest way, but the site seems to be broken. I will investigate all your proposals.

Actually, @InsertUser suggested the most useful solution, with the plugin mbtiles. Is does not allow to easily publish but at least allot using the data for JOSM. Thanks again.

If you generated the orthophoto in WebODM, there is a plugin that will let you load the orthophoto into JOSM or iD. I think it is called osm-quickedit.

Thank youbut it also didn’t work for me.