Using/not using GPS traces to edit maps

I was given a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSCx for my birthday which has re-ignited my interest in OSM. I’ve been doing lots of reading in
the Wiki (information overload!) and been feeling my way around. I have started by naming the streets where I live in (a recently
established estate on the outskirts of the city). My fiancé and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and I successfully uploaded a
GPS trace and was able to add a new way (road) onto the map.

My main question is: If I take readings of various points be they points on a road or a POI, is there a way I can add this info to OSM by
using the raw data i.e. Lat/Lon of the location(s) or is it done entirely by GPS traces? I am interested adding information and as my job
(public transport bus driver) takes me all over the city and I’d like to be able add things that I come across which are not yet on the map.

I am currently using Potlatch as I’m easing myself into the process but I gather I would be better off using JOSM. Is that a fair assessment?

Hallo Phil,
welcome! :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, I had to import the data from my Garmin device directly via QLandkarteGT or MapSource POIs to get the POIs into a GPX file. The files on the device’s MicroSD card don’t contain the POIs.

If you upload a GPX file which contains POIs, these POIs are stored in Openstreetmap database. To get them visible in Potlatch, you have to start this Editor via your OSM account:
GPS Traces → See just your traces
Now Choose your trace. Then click on “Edit this trace”.

I prefer this alternative: (German).
But both ways will work.


Hi Gromit60, and welcome.

At the risk of starting yet another editor war, they are different editors and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I use both, depending on what I’m doing.

Best to try each of them out and decide which features you like. IMHO (and this is not a fact!) Potlatch is more advanced than it first appears and JOSM is less complicated than it first appears!


Please don’t upload tracks which are modified in such a way. Upload only real tracks, no tracks with faked track points.

Of course you can use the modified tracks locally if you like. In JOSM and Potlatch 2 you can open local tracks from your PC.