Using with a KML file

Just looking for some advice on using the app Maps.Me offline for cycling. (If anyone knows of a more suitable forum to direct my question please advise me. I have already tried cycle forums).

The app works brilliantly for cycle paths in Europe where the map database is kept up-to-date, but in Australia it can offer little more than road solutions for getting from A to B. Google Maps is much better for cycle paths, but it does not offer turn by turn directions for cyclists.

I have been able to export a KML file from Google Maps and import it into Maps Me so it displays as a route on the map. But I have not been able to use the imported route for turn by turn directions, nor it seems is there any interaction between the route and bike location. All I seem to have is a digital line on a digital map to use much as a road directory would be used.

Am I missing something? Is there an alternative app for use offline which offers turn by turn directions based on an imported file, KML or other?

Ghostracer works very well for me, but you have to configure it, to show a map on the watch. You need to export your trip as KML from Google My Maps, convert it to GPX and then copy it to the folder of Ghostracer. Then you can add this as a “Ghost” and set it for navigation only. If you configured Ghostracer to show a map on the watch you can see your current position in Google Maps along with the track you added. Works perfect and if you activate ambient mode in the app as well, then battery consumption is not too high. or find for it on apknite.

The reviews for Ghostracer seem to be all about running and watches. Ghostracer is not listed among the recommended cycling apps for mobiles and it’s the first time I have heard of it. Thanks for the response but I think I’ll pass on that one.

Since posting this question I have done some further research. The following links are relevant:


KML / GPX etc. file formats are interchangeable as there are free conversion programs available. The RidewithGPS app will do the job apparently but probably at significant cost although there is some uncertainty in the threads above about what can be obtained from a free version.

The Komoot app seems to offer the best solution. The first map for offline use is free and that seems to be a very reasonable approach to cost. When the app was first opened it seemed that nothing was available in my area and I would have to pay for a map. So I put the app aside. When I next looked at the app it had mysteriously acquired the map for the Perth area.

If Komoot is given a Perth start and destination for a cycling route it only offers a road solution. But I was able to import a GPX file of a cycling route exported from Google Maps which used cycle paths through parks for the same start and end points. Komoot only accepted this as a hiking route but did offer turn by turn directions based on the imported file.