using landuse for routing

As I hate cycling through residential areas I’d like to plan my routes to avoid cities. OSM perfectly knows which areas are residential (and other surroundings), but this knowledge is not linked to the ways. Is there a way to make this information available (in mkgmap)? It doesn’t need to be too accurate, ways can have multiple surroundings of course. I know there are tags designed for this but in the Netherlands they are rarely used

Same thoughts overhere, in the village are unclassified highway, livingarea, on the land also unclassified highway, like to route about these landroads, but not through the villages.

Do do not route through living area? tag

How to separate these two highway=unclassified?

I know someone who preprocesses the raw data to give the ways within a city/village limit an extra tag (e.g. toll=yes) and the compiles the maps from that. Then it is possible to avoid built-up areas by selecting the ‘avoid toll roads’ option on the GPS.

You could try to distinguish highway=residential and highway=living_street from highway=unclassified with a lower road_speed and road_class. (On the openfietsmap I have grouped those streets together because it would get too complicated). This would work if everywhere in the cities the tags highway=residential are used but many roads within the city limits are still tagged as unclassified.

On mkgmap there is now a locator branch tested where administrative boundaries are recognized. Such approach could also be used to recognize roads within residential polygons (or even forest polygons, to plan a nature route). If you want to know more about that development, join the mkgmap mailing list and ask some questions there. If you have some knowledge of java programming, maybe you can even help to improve it.

Preprocessing had crossed my mind, but I think that is going to take a lot of computing time. I think mkgmap’s locator branch is the way to go. I am a Delphi programmer, but I can do a bit java. Maybe I’ll dig into it

If you change your mind and go with the preprocessing way, please let me know :