Using Israel Hiking Map as an ESRI basemap

For a municiplaity in Israel, I need the hiking trail as an ESRI service.
I’ve seen it done here:
(Check V in מפה טופוגרפית) in the TOC.

I’ve seem one in AGOL which isn’t updated.

Any help?

I’m not familiar with ESRI, but…

Take a look at the Using Stamen and MapBox tilesets as basemaps in blog post.

The tiles URL you need is{level}/{col}/{row}.png

The Using Custom Basemaps blog post may also be of help.

If you expect significant web traffic, then the municipality server should serve the tiles rather than creating an overload on the server. If that’s the case, I can help you establish the required tile mirroring.

Please keep us posted on your progress. A similar question was asked on the Israel Hiking Map Facebook page

Thanks zstadler!
Worked easier than expected. I’ve created a quick guide here:

*Thanks also Zeev for the help with credentials.