Using Irish "Eircode" on openstreetmap

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when one is showing a private house on OSM, there are fields for the street name, town and its postal code.
In the Republic of Ireland this postal code is “eircode”.

Is it legally allowed to insert the eircode for a private house on
Is it allowed by the rules of ‘’ to insert the eircode of a private house?

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Its no different to adding a house number

There is no legal, or OSM, problem with adding Eircode data to OSM. Just add it in the addr:postcode tag.

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Just a matter of interest - are there any ways to import Eircodes in OSM? E.g. from Its really handy to have those.

Bulk importing Eircodes - we would love to do this, but there is a (substantial?) fee associated with doing it. Note that Eircodes are specific to the house, apartment, etc. for residential properties. They are generally specific to the whole building for a non-residential building, regardless of number of occupiers.