Using imagery tiles with tile server

I have the open street maps tile server successfully running using the imported planet data. I followed this link

I also have a set of satellite imagery tiles in the correct directory structure /z/x/y.png that I would like to use instead of the openstreetmap tiles. How do I do this?

so waht framework do you use?

openlayers or leaflet.js or something other?

I can use openlayers or leaflet if necessary or if I have to for legal reasons. Right now I am using the Google Maps Javascript API, made a new custom tile overlay that points to my locally running OSM server. I get the map tiles loaded just fine. I would like to also use the aerial satellite (.png) map tiles I have as well.

Sorry that I cannot help you in detail, but:

If you are using Google Maps Javascript API for tile display (which is not quite common in the OSM world), ask at any google help site.

In the OSM universe there are many users with experience about or or … visit those websites to see some examples, maybe even for your use case.