Uses & Rights of the map for Print


For a customer I have to produce different «descriptions of way». As I want
to implement a map, I’m wondering, if I could use printscreens of
Of course I would mention on the descriptions, that I got the map from OpenStreetMap.

Does anybody know, if I can use these maps for a «commercial» project?

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So I think the answer is YES, but please put a © somewhere on the map. What we and you want is more people making our data better, anything you can do to make that happen is good.

Thank you your quick answer. If we finally use them, we will place « (C)» on the map!

np… If you do publish show us some results… :wink:

I’m also planning on using OSM data in a book I am working on. I will edit the maps in Adobe Illustrator so they match the design of the other maps on our books.

Would it be acceptable to have the following credit on each map: Base mapping CC-by-SA or Base mapping (c) with more detailed information about the licence on a map credits pages at the back of the book?

BTW, I’m also contributing to the OSM project as there are several towns that we needed maps of so we are mapping these from scratch.

Also I understand that the maps I publish as part of my book need to have the same licence as the original OSM data. Does this just apply to the data or is my whole book then free for other people to copy, which would obviously be a huge issue for my publisher.

I don’t know who knows what is true and not, the legal mailing list perhaps… :slight_smile: But there already is a openstreetmap book published by a big contributor to OSM that isn’t published under CC license.

I will ask a lawyer about this just to make sure that I am doing everything properly.

I understand that a CC licence should only apply to the underlying map data if the map has been edited to be unique to the publication, in which case the rest of the publication can be copyright. However just exporting a PDF and including this in the book in the original OSM styling may be a different situation.

I would assume that OSM ideal of truly free maps would encourage commercial use as long as those that use the maps give back to the OSM project either by contributing to the mapping effort or by sponsoring OSM events.

I know there will be a lot about all this on the legal mailing list, but if you could post a short summary of the advice you got and the course you’re taking, it would be great to have that here.



TimU: that credit sounds fine.

The maps need to have the same licence (they’re a “Derivative Work”), but not the whole book (in which they’re included as part of a “Collective Work”).

Worth noting that we are currently considering a licence change and we hope to have some more news on that very shortly.

Thanks Richard. That sounds reasonable. I will wait for news of the licence change before spending money on a lawyer.