users: Serbia request


Would it be possible to create the users:Serbia subforum please? The mailing list is becoming a bit unwieldy at the moment, and its a nice thing to have one place where all the records are stored, in a easy to access format (rather then dig through the mailing list archives)


yes, please create a subforum. I am supporting this.

also supporting, we badly need this. Thanks in advance!

Yes this would be nice. All we need now is a good welcome note.

Forum is created, please make a nice welcome topic that I can sticky.

Here it is

Welcome note created and ready for sticky

Thank you. Topic stickied.

Have fun!


Would it be possible to get a couple of mods on that subforum, since we need to correct/edit/change a couple of posts in this beginning phase?

Yes, that is possible. Please start a moderator selection topic there to see who is interested to do the moderating and if there is support/opposition for the candidates. Let me know when there are one or more moderators chosen.