users malaysia!!!

simply posting! hi all malaysian mappers!

hi orang malaysia,

apa khabar ? :slight_smile:

good to see we finally have our own section…hope to see more mappers

Hi All,

Let’s intro where do you normally map.
I concentrate on south of klang valley.Mostly using Bing as my source

i map around in Old Klang Road & Puchong…usually just doing the easy stuff like adding streetnames and POIs

monkeyed around with Potlatch, merkaator, qgis to edit but i finally settled with josm…


i’m working my way thru pj sec 1-10, 51-52. if i iron out the routing problems there, i’ll next move on to sec 11 onwards.

havent looked at the major highways yet like old klang rd, npe, fed highway etc except where they join pj roads.

lrt line (thru pj) nodes and ways are all there, but the public transport route relations are not. i’m in the midst of trying to figure that one out. i will post my questions soon, hopefully one of u sifus can guide me thru it.

I map everywhere I can find gpx tracks (usually from my boss’s gps unit). Hence I found a lot of things not properly set but that is understandable, since we are all noobs at one time of another. You guys should check out North South highway and validate that with JOSM, pening woo… :slight_smile:

KL is a different beast altogether, overpass, underpass, over over pass, tunnel, the roads constantly changing that even bing images offer little help.

But it is addictive. Back to work.

I have 2 navigation software on my notebook:

  1. gosmore -
    a) Download windows version from
    b) Download malaysia map from
    (note:gosmore.pak is the map file)

  2. navit -
    a) Download windows version from
    b) Download malaysia map from
    note: download the map
    c) put the map in maps folder
    d) edit the navit.xml file…change the mapset to point to malaysia map

Currently I’m trying to install these navigation software on my old ‘china made’ win CE PND.

Anyone can share their experiences on these 2 navigation software on PND ?

This will help you root it and after that you can “buy” garmin for winmo.

Usually,highways in KL don’t change that often.If there’s changes,you should see it in the newspaper. Housing area also don’t change much.

Thanks for the link but unfortunately it didn’t work…
but i think i will try this -

by the way, before this, i already got garmin xt working on my china PND but I was unable to get the track log out from this winCE version…not sure what’s the problem…anyway…using garmin’s not really in line with the ‘open source spirit’ …lol

try browse that site. there’s a tool to convert garmin tracklog to gpx

why not u get cheap android phone? my samsung galaxy 5 got heaps of free apps to record gpx, upload to osm etc etc.

manage to load navit and gosmore on my old PND. But i’m stuck…

  1. navit needs some script editing to set the com port etc and i’m not too smart in that…
  2. gosmore can run but the win ce version has a map size limit of 400Mb…and the Malaysia map downloaded from gosmore site is larger than that :frowning:

After three years staying and mapping in KL I’m back in Germany. I had fun to support OSM in Malaysia and to bring a little color in the map. I still have a lot of unmapped tracks and I hope I find the time to transfer this in routes.

Keep on mapping with fun.

bien adieu! or was that french :stuck_out_tongue:

So, who is going to trace TNB power lines now that you are gone? :smiley:


I am thinking of reworking Sungai Perak. I found that the watershed relation confusing, and the waterway multipolygons are not closed. Would it be easier for everybody to understand if we redo them in smaller chunks of simple multipolygons? i.e role outer, waterway=river; role inner, natural=scrub/place=island. Maybe in a year or two, we can consider adding other types of waterway relations…