User unknown

Hi I am searching for a user after i got this message: The user user_242798 does not exist.
I would like to get some info about his work, but cant send a message ?
Whats happening since you cant change anything of your own account ?

If you know one of the users changesets, you could put that number at the end of this achavi url
and the changeset will be depicted. If you select one of the changeset items more details will be shown and if you select the changeset number, the changeset will be displayed in OSM with the users latest name.
I am doing this from memory so hope it works ok for you.

Edit: achavi seems not to return data for me at present with out refreshing the url a few times and seems to be almost unavailable.
I expect it may be related to this problem with the Overpass server…

Keep watching the Overapss status page for updates:

The number behind the deleted user indicates the UID of the user. You could query for their changesets with JOSM (changeset manager → query → advanced → user ID). You won’t get all changesets but you can either specify further or get their latest changesets.

Furthermore I think OSMCha is able to show all changesets by a user regardless. You just need one changeset by them there and by going through the user page on OSMCha you can basically show all.

Maybe this already helps.

Thanks I wont start a search for his edits (about 10 years), but I got a specific question about his work on an spot.
Without adress there is no communiction possible, too bad.

Hi Teek,
You might consider to post your question on the Dutch forum.

user_242798 used to be active there. I respect his choice to withdraw from OSM, but maybe someone else on that forum can shed a light on your question.