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Hey guys! I’m a student at the University of Brasilia in Brazil and I’m doing a Human Computer Interaction project based on Open Street Map. Our goal is to carry out an analysis in order to identify problems and propose solutions. We are at the stage of drawing up the user’s profile and, for that, we created a form, if you can respond, I would be very grateful! It would also be great if you guys could point out issues that you’ve encountered or features that you think would benefit your experience. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello CarlaACR, welcome to the forums, and thanks for your interest in the project.

What I’d suggest that you do first is say a little bit about what you’re trying to do - the first page of your survey just has a tickbox saying “I agree for my data to be used for research” with no information about how anonymous it will be, or how it will be stored or processed. Also, it’s a Google form, that requires people to sign in to save. Lots of people in this project won’t want to do this, some for moral reasons and some because they’re located in a part of the world where they can’t access Google (either because of their government’s choices, or Google not working there). OpenStreetMap is an International project, and there are a surprising number of participants in places that Google is not available.

In order to help people to participate I’d suggest that you say a bit more about your survey here so that people know what they’re signing up for.

One more thing - Discourse (the forum software here) does support polls, I think, so depending on the complexity of what you are asking you may be able to run your survey right here.

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You can fill the poll without signing in to Google. Signing in is only required if you want to save intermediate progress and not yet submit the final responses.

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The questionnaire is only about the website, maybe that could be pointed out more clearly in advance.

I think there is a multitude of user profiles. If you ask here on the OSM forum, the users are all OSM-mappers often with very specific interests. Outside of the OSM maping community the website is used by many persons, businesses and institutions, and even more use OSM in a different way, e.g. by incorporating OSM maps in their websites, broad- and narrowcasts, and printed materials.

All these variations have their specific problems, and could do with solutions. Common factors are: lack of time and/or money. Technology is seldom the problem.

Maybe you could narrow the scope and address a more specific selection of “users”? Or ask directly what type of user the participant is?

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