User importing prison-names from official websites and sometimes deleting valid stuff (by mistake)

The user @saldenisov imports lots of names of prisons all around the world from official websites with sometimes unclear licencing for his personal project. See the german thread Gefängnisse in Deutschland, wo sind sie?

It looks like he has no feeling as to why licencing is important. But, they answered in the forum and also to the old changeset-comments as well.

Why this post. I think quite some stuff should be reviewed and checked if the deleted stuff is back already, see Changeset: 144615126 | OpenStreetMap for example.
The imported name Changeset: 141247506 | OpenStreetMap simply seems wrong, for example.

As visible from the history i think the user should follow the Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Your thoughts on that?

(I informed the user of this thread in a changeset)


Oh yes, thank you, I just noticed he was active in all of Italy and other places in Europe as well, and has apparently “normalized” all data related to prisons with some official datasets about prisons.

For what it’s worth, it’s probably correct, if official-sounding (and likely imported from somewhere). Based on a casual Google search and my basic knowledge or Russian,

ФКУ «СИЗО № 1 ГУФСИН России по Красноярскому краю»
stands for, roughly,
“Federal penitentiary unit” - “Service for conducting prison sanctions” No. 1 “General Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Krasnoyarsky krai”.

It looks correct, but it wasn’t discussed (didn’t follow mandatory process), it seems at least some of the sources are not compatible, and replacing the long-standing community developed best “name” with an official version is not acceptable. There is official_name for such longish variants. Name should be the common name. Even when adding the officially sourced name to name, additional names would often have to be kept and not removed.

It also isn’t clear how old the data is.

Locally 2 new prison nodes have been added inside an existing prison, it could be true, or maybe they are sections. The name for the whole area (which constitutes its own quarter in the city) was changed to something that seems to be referring to another section rather than the whole compound.

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They have also been removing Wikipedia and wikidata tags.

The name and name:en tags are also different in many cases which is odd in an English speaking region. They are possibly adding the official name in the name:en tag.

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In general it looks like well intentioned but not discussed import ( see Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) that went wrong way (removing valid tags, putting official name where common name is, possible problematic license).

I would ask DWG for revert.

see Changeset: 144542512 | OpenStreetMap

The reason is that without deleting it, I do not know how to update the name of the prison according to the official website. I use OpenStreetMap for searching geo positions of worlds’ prisons"Prisons in Hungary | Kaggle".

For Italy it was done according to
Russian official names are strange

Now I know what I was doing wrong. Now I only add official names according to the websites of the prisons and leave names alone.

Thanks for raising the subject.

I wanted to address the recent discussions around my contributions to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and clarify my approach.

To be transparent:

  1. I sourced information for prison names exclusively from official prison websites or state prison services to ensure accuracy.
  2. I refrain from altering prison names and instead focus on updating the official name tag while providing a link to the source.

As of today, I’ve decided to discontinue modifying prison names on OSM. Moving forward, my project will progress without my individual updates, as I lack the means to verify licenses and obtain permissions.

I will, however, persist in updating my Kaggle dataset and sharing updates with local groups on OSM forum. Should anyone wish to utilize my data for updates, I would be delighted. If not, I understand – such is life.

Best regards,

Dr. DENISOV Sergey

thank you for providing the source. There is neither a date nor a license though, can you please provide the context as well?

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For Italy, I will do an update within a month; I will use this source: When I was doing Italy this year, I did not find this source, I do not know why.

I will create an extra topic on the forum that will present the new data. No OSM prison name change will be made.

For Italy, I will do an update within a month; I will use this source: When I was doing Italy this year, I did not find this source, I do not know why.

I could not find a specific license for this data, but there is a general copyright disclaimer which says all rights reserved, transgressions will be persecuted:


I contenuti del sito - codice di script, grafica, testi, tabelle, immagini, suoni e ogni altra informazione disponibile in qualunque forma - sono protetti ai sensi della normativa in tema di opere dell’ingegno. Ogni prodotto o società menzionati in questo sito sono marchi dei rispettivi proprietari o titolari e possono essere protetti da brevetti e/o copyright concessi o registrati dalle autorità preposte.

Qualsiasi forma di link al presente Sito, se inserita da soggetti terzi, non deve recare danno all’immagine ed alle attività del Ministero della giustizia.

È vietato il cd. “deep linking” inteso come utilizzo non trasparente, su siti di soggetti terzi, di parti del sito.

Eventuali violazioni saranno perseguite nelle competenti sedi giudiziarie.

I will collect the data, provide it, and then it is up to OSM to decide what to with it:)

I think you should first either remove the data that you have already
imported from sources without a compatible license, or try to get
approval from the copyright holders to import their data into OSM
under the terms of the ODbL and Contributor Terms. As is we may have
to revert many of contributions if we cannot get the licenses
documented for these past imports.


I guess a major part of my imports will be reverted, so let it be.

My strategy of providing data to the local community works better than trying to do myself.

Hope we can cooperate with you for Italy; I will try to find some official documents as a law or ministerial circular.

which state prison services were used?