User GoWestTravel: adding address insyde names and source of data

Hi all!
Sorry for my English.
OSM user GoWestTravel changes hotel names to “hotel names + address”. I think that this behavior is completely harmful for OSM. The address should be in address but and not in the name.
Here is all our conversation:
And here is I see questions about sources of data, and I don’t see correct information about this, except «I have used a quick copy from Google» and «I copied this one from Google».
I think this user should be baned and all his changes have to be reverted.

Dude, what did I ever do to you? I answered your question quickly and truthfully and left the change to you, and now you’re saying I should be banned? Please hold your pitchfork.

I did not put “hotel names + address” in the hotel name for fun: it’s the hotel’s official name. Let me show you two examples where they show that full name:

And if you search on the Extended Stay America website you will find the list of all the Extended Stays in Austin, TX shown as follows:

Extended Stay America - Austin - Downtown - 6th St.
Extended Stay America - Austin - Downtown - Town Lake
Extended Stay America - Austin - Metro
Extended Stay America - Austin - Southwest
Extended Stay America - Austin - North Central
Extended Stay America - Austin - Arboretum - South
Extended Stay America - Austin - Arboretum - Capital Of Texas Hwy.
Extended Stay America - Austin - Arboretum - North
Extended Stay America - Austin - Northwest - Research Park
Extended Stay America - Austin - Northwest - Lakeline Mall
Extended Stay America - Austin - Round Rock - South
Extended Stay America - Austin - Round Rock - North

You can name each hotel in Austin ‘Extended Stay America’, but would that make more sense?

Here is no any «Extended Stay America - Austin - Downtown - 6th St.», only «Extended Stay America» on all labels, include labels on building. You just copied this info (without permissions?) from some website, but is this website is a source information for OSM? Source is that you see, and that is really here in place. Here is the hotel with name «Extended Stay America».

It seems that there are 2 names for this entity - the official name posted on the building, and a ‘regionally disambiguating name’. If a traveler heads toward one of these destinations with just a printout and asks a local where is “Extended Stay America”, there is less of a chance of success than if they ask where is “Extended Stay America Lakeland Mall”. It’s not clear whether that would go into local_name or alt_name.

It has never been prohibited to extract information from a POI’s own web site for OSM, as long as that information is not of questionable copyright origin (such as geo locations).

Hi Mike, thank you for your reaction. I’ve changed this particular regionally disambiguating name (RDN) to its official name as a test and put the RDN in alt_name. I want to know if the RDN will still be searchable. To me the RDN adds relevant information for users and when I check similar services to OSM, they all seem to use the RDN over an official name.

I don’t want mess things up for anybody and I hope you agree that the RDN doesn’t do that to OSM, as long as the correct RDN is properly used (especially in larger cities as Austin with multiple hotels from the same company). I can see a problem when people start using their own creativity to describe the position of a certain hotel, which is not the case here.