User Chcastillo - looks like he started editing a couple of days ago.

I can see this guy has gone on a residential roads party… I don’t know exactly what he’s done - if it’s just throwing in residential roads everywhere or if there’s more to it - but could someone who knows what they’re doing check this? I have sent the guy a message but this looks weird to me. Vandalism?

I’ve got huge load waits trying to see what he’s done - which is making it a bit impossible - but he’s moved ways I’ve recently added marked as source GPS, and put in residential roads from sat’ pictures that are not - they’re dirt tracks or paths. (I know, I mapped them or went by them on dirt bike - very, very isolated areas.) I can even see ‘floating’ residential roads with no connections in the middle of nowhere -

Is it possible to revert this stuff?

This looks very similar to what KT47 is doing. The source is also Digital Globe.

Looking through their changesets, they’ve also deleted lots of stuff - but what, I’m trying to work out.

Block them now.

Can’t only the DWG do that?

Tom and Johnny, if you haven’t already then please email DWG re. these 2 users:

Every edit just given the same odd name - ‘Thailand Road Geometry’ - and that’s not really what has been done. This does look suspect to me…

EDIT: But, after a quick look over - which updates real quick, more like someone messing about then real vandalism. After a quick scan of the area I know well, I can only see a few spots of ‘residential road’ craze and I can’t spot any ways deleted - though it says there have been in the changesets… Weird.

@crsCR: I hope that the data of thaimap is still fine. With the recent server moves there had been times when no updates had been distributed. I checked my logs and see no error message. So I suppose the rendering should be up to date.
If you have any indication (or even a serious bad feeling that thaimap is not showing changes), please let me know. I would re-import the data to be certainly up to date again.

For the reason of not seeing some edits/deletions on the map: It could be related to real problems with the data. Sometimes roads overlap sections or are plain duplicates. Seems to happen with some web editors which upload the data twice in case of network problems. So deleting such duplicates would actually be a good idea. I have not checked the edits in question so can’t tell whether this applies here.

It could be that some well-meaning new mappers had been attracted to fix “errors” listed on QA tools which need to be proper understood before fixed.

Best would be to fix overlapping/unconnected roads and self intersections before others do. Just check your area and keep it clean

No problem with thaimap Stephan - I meant it updates fast as in good!

Please see this thread to understand the problem I’m talking about:

This is the message I sent to the user:

Hi. I noticed you’ve been adding in Residential Roads, Chiang Rai. I recently mapped this area by survey on motorbike. This is a very isolated, rural area - what you have marked as Residential Road is not - it is dirt track or paths. It is not a good idea to draw traces from satelite photos in such areas without knowledge of the area. I live here - I ride and map the area by offroad motorbike. Please do not edit any tracks or paths you can see as marked as source ‘GPS’ around Chiang Rai - or add in residential or other road types in isolated areas - unless you have been there to physically survey. Much of the area around Chiang Rai is very undeveloped. Thanks.

Eg. These are the kind of ways in the area that could be visible from Sat’ pics - but they are not ‘residential roads’: