Useless survey?

This summer I hiked Snowdonia National Park from Machynlleth to Conwy. As usual I uploaded my logs and quite an amount of the pictures to Mapillary (the rest will follow soon).
I also started adding and enhancing highways and POI to OSM. Now user Dyserth has added some data I could not verify in reality.

Although this holidays I wanted to do a little less on OSM compared to last year (which wouldn’t be hard to achieve :slight_smile:) I could not resist to capture three gems of highway=track, tracktype=grade1 like this (OSM). Also the names “Ancient Trackway” and “Old Coach Road” on a lot of different ways caught my eye. I changed these and a several other ways to what I believed what I found and walked and also asked the previous mapper for his sources. After I found that he reverted one of my changesets and edited some more data IMHO not matching reality I wrote a second message which he replied to rather unhelpful and not too friendly. The messages I sent can be found here.
I didn’t get any more response but found some more disputable changes.
This makes me think twice if I should care to map in Wales anymore since it seems Dyserth

  • interprets reality to his liking
  • doesn’t want to name his sources neither in changeset comments nor on request
  • seems to think he needs to protect “his data”
    and thus will change (not only my) contributions back to what he thinks is best.
    I can think of better ways to contribute to OSM then to add stuff which I can be certain will not be there for long.

By the way: For mapping only 1,5 years Dyserth has made an impressive amount of edits. But I’d doubt that he collected the data by ground survey.

Edit: I got a comment on an other changeset which confirms my opinion to skip mapping Wales.
In short: After I split a way its new way segments shouldn’t have the name which was there before I even touched it.
Edit 2: Spelling and more sense
Edit 3: This posting on the mailing list