Use of "WikiProject Thailand", "Talk:WikiProject Thailand" and Forum

I would like to propose:

  • Use the Forum users: Thailand for all discussions including about conventions to go on the Wiki page.

  • More space

  • More flexible: One thread for one topic.

  • Old stuff “disappears” alone but can be reactived by a new post.

[/*] [*]Use the Wiki page [ WikiProject Thailand]( for agreed conventions only. Advantages:
  • More stable

  • Appearance not disturbed by drafts.
    E.g. For new or occasional visitors there shouldn’t be drafts like the current Administrative levels

[/*] [*]Use the Talk page [ Talk:WikiProject Thailand]( for drafts. Advantages:
  • Same formatting as the Wiki page. When stable just a copy.

  • Can be more lenghty, e.g. additional explanations.

  • Appearance not so important. Can be a quick and dirty sketch of an idea.

  • Can be used for “collaborative work” when it is not clear if the result will go to the Wiki page.
    All can edit the same text. This is not possible in the Forum.

[/*] [/list] To start with this there's nothing more to do than scrap the current content of the Talk page which is in my opinion obsolete.

Very nice idea and good said. We should avoid discussing on the “Talk page”. Adding notes should be OK there.

But maybe it’s better to let the “Talk Page” open for its intended use for other users. Maybe not all people like to post in a forum. We could also add another wiki-page “WikiProject_Thailand_Drafts” and link to it in the top of the main page.

For me it would be OK to delete it. It has a “history-function”, so everyone can read what was written down, even when it is deleted.

Great idea. We can have both. I’ve already moved the section “Administrative levels” there.

There are also mailing lists, IRC, and maybe lot’s of other communication channels I’m currently not aware of. The proposal is fine, but we should not lock out other communication channels.