Use of WikiCamps data?

WikiCamps is an online site (based on OSM!), for finding camp sites & checking details, reviews etc. It operates in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada & UK that I know of.

Wondering if anybody has ever approached them for permission to then copy their data back into OSM?

The Australian site is listed as being © 2023:

“The Wikicamps App is protected by copyright. Except to the extent permitted by Australian law, you must not use, copy, modify, transmit, store, publish or distribute the material, or create any other material using material from the Wikicamps App, without the prior written consent of Wikicamps” so we would definitely need permission.

Assuming we got it though, would that then apply worldwide, or would every country need to approach “their” WikiCamps to also ask for permission/

For OSM data from WikiCamps, securing permission is crucial due to copyright restrictions and legal considerations.