Use of the landuse tag

Good morning,

Sorry for my English but I dont speak or write Greek.
I am wondering about the tag to use to tag a large field or area (several fields) containing lots of trees (orchard with olives) or a mixt area with vineyards as well.
Landuse=farmland or orchard ? Or tag all fields separatly ?


In my opinion, I would tag each different uses separately. For example, if there are two fields that grow wheat, then create one farmland polygon with landuse=farmland. If there is one field that grows wheat but another grows olives, then create two polygons with landuse=farmland and landuse=orchard respectively.

Hi ika-chan!, thanks for the reaction,
we are talking about this kind of fields,
I drew 2 area’s the inner one is clearly an orchard, but the outer one looks like it as it has been an orchard but hardly got any maintenance/disused ? Caracteristics; lots of trees here and there and no rows several landscapes look like it in Greece.
Whats the local tag for it farmland or disused or abandoned orchard ? Or just dont mind it and leave it untagged and tag it just clearly looking orchards and farmland ?

It depends if the trees are arranged on order, or appear random. If they appear random, I tag it as farmland and (when I have more time) I tag individual trees with natural=tree.

If the trees are in a row, you can also use natural=tree_row ( :slight_smile: