Use of the contact: scheme


A few months ago I switched to the contact: tagging scheme for contact data.
In this tagging scheme “contact:” is attached to the beginning of the tag. It is the newer version of the “normal” tagging.

In my opinion this is much more accurate and clear.
On the one hand it is clear that this is contact data, on the other hand a much more precise specification is possible.

For example, many POIs have social-media pages that can not be meaningfully entered without this tagging scheme.
Without this scheme, a new tag has to be created for every new social network, which could be shown by many clients only years later, if at all.
With this scheme you can add any network or similar and every client knows immediately what it is.

This scheme is currently used at about 10%, but is not yet set by any editor as a standard (as far as I know).

In my opinion, it is time to switch to this tagging scheme.
What do you think and did you knew this tagging before?

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P.S.: This post is identical to this in the German forum:

I find working with the contact: prefix way too cumbersome and have always adviced against using it. (and apparently I’m not the only one: Please note that social-media pages can be entered just as “meaningfully” with or without a contact: prefix and that you’ll need to create a new tag per social network whether or not you use a prefix.

I find the contact scheme useful for all the social media keys, so everybody knows what they belong to.

But I think it’s big nonsense to change all the etablished phone, website etc. keys to contact:scheme. Leave them as they are!