Use of AMDSP data in open street map

I was wondering if Open street map would consider using the data provided for free by the Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Program (AMDSP). The AMDSP helps small municipalities and First Nations like us in Alberta in submitting address to emergency services. We as a First Nation in Alberta submitted all our new street names to the AMDSP but have not the skills or capacity to do this for all online map providers. The AMDSP uses international standards used by emergency service and submitting data is only works once there are no errors to be found in the submitted data.
It would be a great help for those smaller municipalities and First Nation if they are acknowledge in Open Street Map.

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Welcome! I think there would be interest in using this this data. What we have to make sure of is the license. For the rest of the community, here is the link I found:

This appears to be the actual license:

I looked at the data for Alberta Beach. Initial impression is that it looks good, except that OSM already contains address ranges for the area. I am not sure if it is considered acceptable to have both.

You should try to get some other Candians involved (I am in the US), and it would be good if some other OSM folks could give their opinion as to whether the license is acceptable.

Why it is a problem to two sources of addresses. You’re assuming that one is conical and the other is not. Instead try to conflat them as a way of double checking the individual addresses in both sets. Allowing those that don’t or may also have large variations to be investigated further. Resulting in a better validated set of addresses.

I never said there was, or was not, a problem. Just posed the question. And it isn’t an issue of two different sources. It is address ranges vs address points.

Posting in the general forums section isn’t likely to get much attention, you should have posted in Canada

There is also the talk-ca mailing list

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Address points are always going to be more precise than address interpolation.
Local data should always be preferred over Federal/Provincial data when available and the quality is good.

The license will need to be reviewed and approved by the License Working Group, as this is a variant of the Open Government License

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My apologies, that would indeed have been smart. I hope that as you suggested a moderator could move this to #ca.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve moved it to the Canadian section.

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