Usage of tiles from

Many of you know that I provide a bilingual rendering with some adaptations specially for Thailand. This is available at the address

As I noticed a steady growth of access numbers during the last month I decided to get some statistic.

In May 2013 my map answered around 5.8 million tile requests.
That’s great. I’m pleased to see that OSM in Thailand has reached a level where it’s actually useful.

What makes me worry: 3 millions of the requests come from a single app. And another 1.8 million from another tile scraper.
And no one asked me beforehand whether it’s ok to do so.

If you are one of the people who uses my tile server inside their app: Please contact me.
Don’t worry: as long as the server can handle the load I’ll continue to provide tiles to the world free of charge and pay for the server bill from my own pocket.

But in case I have to modify anything on the server this might cause your app to stop working. And I want to have a way to tell you before so you can prepare.


What is this app?

By the way, really cool tool you built there. a must when mapping Thailand. Too bad it is not somehow included in the default mapnik.

I did not load the app to check in detail. Reading the description I would say it’s displaying taxi locations and traffic jam on a base map.

i can easily contact THAT map developer through the market. I’m writing here because I want to reach other users of the map tiles as well.

Tiles on the Laos map used my server as well and I’m in contact with the site maintainer. So I can distribute notifications about service changes to have map users prepared.