USA or NA osm?!?!?

As interesting as it may sound… I really would like to see a complete North America or US extract. Even though I’m fairly new around here, I think it would be quite useful.
I prefer development, but have been known to not leave the house without my GPS.
But that being said, I prefer coding. I have interests in the code that operates OSM, but with some major hardware restrictions on the server end of things the planet osm is taking FOREVER to import into mysql.

I have started attempting to build a US extract on a recently built server, so we’ll see how that goes. If it appears correct, I’ll try to host it someplace :wink:

[sorry if this post could be classified ‘dev’, but I felt it was necessary to toss my name into the US forum to let others know that we are interested in mapping on this side of the pond :wink: ]

I would definitely be interesting in a North American OSM file.



Have a look here:

You will find a list of planet extracts already available.

But no one has extracts of the US or even North America. The closest it gets is Cloudmade, which has extracts by US state. It’d be nice to have the whole country, though.

There’s this:

Is that more of what you’re looking for?

And now CloudMade does have North America