url query string to remove or reduce menu size

I have been playing with OSM in a home project in C# where i display a map in a small browser control and this works great, however as it is a small window a lot of the real-estate is take up by the header and menu.

browser size within the application is 511 by 367 pixels and about 20% is lost to the header

URL Example http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=53.05302&mlon=0.43611&zoom=10

How can i suppress the or reduce the header?


Instead of hosting osm.org (which it sounds like you’re doing) create your own leaflet map pointing at the same tiles. There’s lots of info and examples on http://leafletjs.com/ .

Only use the same tiles for proof of concept. If this application goes into production, you will have to generate your own tiles, from planet.osm, or a subset, and place them on your own server.

Also, if you only need a static map, consider directly fetching and combining the tiles in your application, rather than using a web browser control.

thanks for your replies.
i will look into Leaflet maps!