URL parameters to custom map

Warning: I’m not sure if I’m writing in the right place.

Hello guys, nice work you all have been doing with this amazing tool.
Anyway, my father started a genealogy study, and he is mapping the differences about Rio Grande do Sul (Brazilian state) along the years, and he made a map with it, you can check it in this link.

Later he asked me to develop some way to display information about the cities, and we are preparing a simple website to do so. Not only maps, but other informations.
He also wanted to show a “specific map for a period of time”, so, what i want to know is: Is there a way that we can “pre-open” or “pre-close” some of this variables that have checkboxes to hide or show?
I thought it would be an URL option to do that, but couldn’t find anything.

Anyway, thanks for everything.

For the most part, umap is a user-friendly wrapper around the Leaflet JavaScript library: https://leafletjs.com/ So if you’re limited by what functionality umap has built in, and able to do some web programming, that might be an option.

(Note that it’s possible that umap itself might have the option you’re looking for, I don’t know it well enough to say. Sorry that I don’t have a more helpful answer!)

If you use the iframe exporter to embed a umap into another web page then it is possible to add URL parameters. So you could have a series of pages each of which embed the same base umap but passing different parameters. It’s not documented that you can do this, but you should be able to figure out what to do when you use the exporter.

Doing what you want on a map hosted by umap themselves is not currently possible. It’s been requested by at least two people on github and is marked as an enhancement issue: https://github.com/umap-project/umap/issues/705. It may be a long time, if ever, before it’s implemented as there’s not much development effort on umap these days.