Uploading tracks with fictitious timestamps?


When looking through the archives the consensus seems to be: ask the people in the area for which you’re uploading. So…

I have GPS tracks I recorded during a drive to Nof Ayalon (which apparently isn’t even marked in OSM), but the tracks do not include timestamps (I’m new to all this, didn’t even realize it was an issue). I was wondering what the consensus here is about this. Should I load the tracks with fictitious timestamps, or just edit the maps locally based on the tracks, and upload the changes without uploading the tracks themselves?

I think I would prefer the former, firstly because I think it’ll be easier for me to edit the maps in Potlatch (for which I think I need the tracks to be uploaded?); and secondly, I think it’s important that tracks be available for “accountability”. With clearly fictitious timestamps (1/1/1970), it should be pretty clear that the timestamps are not real?

(Note that this is not a route that I normally do, so I’m not going to be recording it again anytime in the forseeable future… :confused: )


it will be ok even with fictitious timestamps.