Uploading POI data

Is there a easy way to upload POI data, the WIKI didn’t help me too much an online website OJW wasn’t available.
If I and find a utility or page to load a CSV format file or GPX that would be useful.

It’s pretty straight forward to do, you can use JOSM if you can little progrmming experience. Look at how it handles nodes that are not uploaded yet. this is what it looks like:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<osm version='0.5' generator='JOSM'>
  <node id='-1' visible='true' lat='58.360633340163936' lon='15.426328674098361'
  <node id='-2' action='modify' visible='true' lat='58.36040280967213' lon='15.4
    <tag k='place' v='person' />
    <tag k='name' v='Morran' />
  <node id='-3' action='modify' visible='true' lat='58.36685766344262' lon='15.3
    <tag k='place' v='hamlet' />
    <tag k='name' v='Muminvallry' />
  <node id='-4' visible='true' lat='58.37976737098361' lon='15.43255299737705' /

So it’s pretty easy to convert a CSV file to this format, with a negative “ID=” part, and then use JOSM to upload it…

But you have to document what you are doing, what is you are uploading, will that dataset be updated, will we have to reload it at some point?

So it would be pretty easy to make a CSV of GPX to osm converter but this feature is intentially unimplemented in JOSM, to prevent people from uploading too easily POIs they have downloaded from somewhere else?

I guess the real work is to update the categorys or tag names.

Potlatch can already import waypoints from uploaded gpx file with attributes but it is a bit tricky. Gpx file need to have at least one valid track, otherwise it does not get uploaded, and then you need to accept waypoints one by one with Potlatch. I guess it is more simple with gpx than arbitraty CSV files because waypoint attributes are fixed. But getting coordinates and fields , and directly to JOSM from gpx file would be a very good help when transcribing recorded waypoints from GPS. Of cause I can already see waypoints as markers in JOSM and it is much better than nothing.

It’s an interesting idea to allow data to be included in waypoints, it probably would work. With normal OSM xml for tags…

mtrax: Yes, doing the update feature might be the hardest.