uploading a kml file converted with tcx

I created a few kml files using google earth and I converted them into gpx files using tcx. I tried then to upload the files in OSM, but it did not work. Actually, one worked out, but the others did not, even if I followed exactly the same process.

The error message I got is:

“Generic XML parse error
XML parser at line 14 column 13”

I am just a basic user and I just followed a tutorial. Can someone here explain me what is going on and what the problem might be?

Thank you for your help, Fiorenza

Can you explain what you are trying to do? How did you create the KML file in Google Earth? If its based on the aerial images or Google maps, then it is copyright. So you should not be uploading them to openstreetmap.org.

For uploading GPX files on openstreetmap.org, they should be tracks recorded on some sort of GPS device. And the point in uploading them is to help with mapping roads etc on OpenStreetMap. So please don’t upload tracks traced from other maps.