Upload JOSM Data to GeoServer


I use JOSM for a very short time now to draw a map for a local GeoServer. Now that i am finished with the part of the map i want to upload it to my GeoServer.
I already found the connection settings and i typed in my server address like this http://localhost:8585/geoserver/rest and my login data as basic legitimation. The Check was fine and when i clicked ok JOSM showes a Bug that i already reported to the developers. So in that way i cant upload my data to the server.
Another way to get the data on my server is to export the data from JOSM in to a WMS file. The other way around is possible like i found out but i couldnt find a way to export the JOSM data to a WMS file.

So do you know a way to do get my data on the GeoServer?


The Developers fixed the Bug that occoured when I wanted to connect to the server in Build 12200. But now when i want to upload my data to the GeoServer i get the error “Responsecode=405” and i think that the problem is on the server side.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

In the meantime i found a solution for that problem. I import the osm files from JOSM in QGIS with the QuickOsm Plugin, then i save them as a shape file and upload that shapefile to the geoserver.