Updating of Open Orienteering map by OSM

Hi All

I started using OSM last week in order to put more points of interest and possible control sites for using OOM for maprun. I was under the impression that OSM updated OOM with the edits I had made, overnight. I added some trees to Fleming Park Eastleigh but the trees are not visible on oom. Having just looked at some of my maprun maps I now notice that I can’t find any trees on them. Maybe there are some osm edits which do not appear on oom. If that is the case, is there a way of finding out which edits will crossover to oom or is it just a matter of trial and error?

Thanks, Helen

I think you are referring to oomap.co.uk? (I am not sure as I found another project with a similar name). It would probably be better to ask on that site. Any 3rd party can choose which OSM data they wish to use or ignore, it is controlled from their end, not from within OSM. So it’s generally difficult for OSM users on this forum to answer this kind of question, unless there happens to be someone reading who is also familiar with the other site.

Assuming you’re talking about the same site, there are references to trees (in code and issues) at https://github.com/oobrien/oomap so I suspect at least some trees should come over from OSM. You could try asking via the “issues” section on github.