Updating an Openstreetmap PostgreSQL database after the system restore

My Openstreetmap PostgreSQL database takes a long time – about 25 hours by now – for updating via Osmosis after I had made a system restore at the last weekend. Before making the system restore it took just 18-27 minutes for updating my database.

I work with Ubuntu 14 (Trusty) operating system. The Ubuntu system and the Openstreetmap PostgreSQL database are situated on the different hard drives. I ought to add that I made the system restore just for a hard drive where the Ubuntu operating system had been. I didn’t touch the disk with the Openstreetmap database.

So my questions are as follows. What had I done wrongly and how may I escape such the problem in the future? Can I speed up an updating process if I will take a backup copy of my database? I made that backup copy in October.

Did you “vacuum analyze” on the database after restore?


No, I didn’t do “vacuum analyze” on the database after restore.