Updating a large number of nodes (and OpenSeaMap)

I have received a dataset (~ 1850 nodes) from the Inland Waterways of Ireland that contains navigation marks for the Shannon and Erne waterways.

What is the process for updating large numbers of nodes, do I have to ask for permission? (I’ve seen in extreme cases where people were banned). I am not planning on doing a batch import, rather I will add nodes that don’t already exist and merge the IWAI data into existing nodes where possible.

Also, does anyone have any information or know how to contact the OpenSeaMap project, as I would like some guidance on how certain marks (unique to Lough Erne) should be added.

You will have to follow the Import Guidelines.

You will need to check licence compatibility, which could involve asking for waivers from the source of the data and also get buy in from the local community.


yours might be similar to this german seamark import (2014): IENC manual insertion - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Import was done under lead of User:Krille Krille von Stralau | OpenStreetMap
Hope this helps, Dirk


Thanks, that does look similar, although my dataset is far smaller. I’ll see if Krille would have any input.