Update to the 3D full render of Tel Aviv

It’s really up to date, something like July 2020:

Could be useful for OSM 3D and many other use cases.

Are you sure we have explicit permission to use this information? I think not, unless proven otherwise.

You can’t use it as an overlay, but you can use it as a source for information, like any other source.

No, it doesn’t work like that. What is the copyright status, what do the terms of service state?

Don’t get me wrong, single facts can’t be copyrighted (like a website of a restaurant, or news article), but here we need to consider both terms of use and database rights as well.

For instance, Google Maps ToS explicitly forbid deriving datasets (well, like OSM) from them.

I’m not talking about automated editing or data, not sure this source has an open API either. For manual editing, if you want to know the status of a building, or want to verify how many floors it has, etc., this source is immensely useful, and you can get this information irrespective of copyright (to be clear, the imagery is copyrighted). As a long-time Wikipedia editor, I am familiar with copyright, ToS, etc. and how they affect open projects :wink: and this source is extremely useful for day-to-day manual editing, without violating any possible legal terms. Strangely, I haven’t been able to find the Terms of Service for this project anywhere, but naturally if you are doing something that might in any way not be acceptable, it’s up to you to contact the company and find out. What did you have in mind, anyway?