Update the Public Transport Data of OSM with a .gtfs file


I’ve downloaded a GTFS file from a open data-set portal of my city, the portal offers a .gtfs file only and not the others .txt files

i’ve tried to process it with gtfs-osm-sync-1.0.1 but it set the coordinate to

Lon, Lat format = -0.004,-0.004      0.004,0.004

and it gives me the error

null relations    There's no bus stop in the region -0.004, -0.004, 0.004, 0.004

is there another way to process it the file and update the OSM Public Transport Data ? , even using JOSM application

if you want to check it out

this is the the .gtfs data url:


this is the portal url:


Thank You :slight_smile:

The GoSync application will help in the process of updating stops, but the routes still need to be done manually. https://github.com/CUTR-at-USF/gtfs-osm-sync