Update on disaster response activations in Morocco and libya

Hi all, as you probably know, OSM Maroc and OSM Libya have activated around the earthquake and floods in their respective countries.

I have put together an update today, trying to cover progress in both campaigns and help people that want to get involved work out how

Happy to receive questions, comments, critiques. And, grateful for any support the OSM community can provide…

Clipped from the diary:

How can you contribute?

If you are a mapper, please jump in and map some tasks! Campaigns in the HOT Tasking Manager are here for Morocco and here for Libya. There is still a lot of data needed for the affected areas.

If you are a community organiser, you can organise a mapathon to mobilise your community members to support these efforts. If you want support, please reach out on the HOT slack.

If you are a responder / data user, please let us know what you need! You can do this via email, the HOT slack, twitter or any other means.

If you see OSM data used in the response to either of these disasters, please flag it with me or anyone at HOT. The people who map for these activations do so out of solidarity and humanitarian spirit and there is nothing more motivating (and I include myself in this) than seeing the data we have contributed supporting responders and having an impact on the ground.

If you want to get latest news, follow the Open Mapping Hub - WNA or HOT on social media.


Hi all, another update on these activations: pedrito1414's Diary | Update on disaster response activations for Morocco and Libya (#2) | OpenStreetMap