Update of routing

During several bicycle rides with documentation of the route afterwards I discover impossibility of the routing. Reason is always that the road / path doesn’t allow bicycle driving. I correct this situation by editing of the map data. But to finish the documentation of the associated route I have to wait …zzz… So it was done last Sunday and is still not available in OSRM (the router a like to use) today - now.

Any hint how waiting can by shrinked down to zero or near zero? I know that OSM is not OSRM, but be patient to a newbie. Is there for example a (test-)router which I can use to verify my corrections a.s.a.p.?

http://brouter.de/brouter-web/ updates pretty quickly, I think.

“Bike Router”; it’s what I use with Locus Map Pro; it’s effort-sensitive and will avoid hills if it can.

Thanks, that was a very good suggestion. I think this will be my new love. :slight_smile: