Update new Tile

What I can install for map updates. For example if splashed in a location that be opened up the existing map, while sending a request to update this locationand also if available did render a new Tile

Thank you.

The specifics my map is necessary that the actual map of certain areas scattered across the country. For this do not want to render maps of the whole country (large load on the server). Part on this and asked how can be configured when opening location my maps update + render if available (to display at next time), opening at this moment the old data.

Tell us first a few basic details how you want to display OSM based maps:

Do you use a normal internet browser with normal internet access? or with a local closed network only? Or do you use own software to display a map? If yes, what?

What is the source of the map graphic you want to display? Do you use the “normal” tile graphics from openstreetmap.org, or do you use an own rendering program to convert the raw OSM data into any kind of graphic?

If you do the rendering on your own, what is your data source? do you use an own spatial database?

If you use the tile graphics from openstreetmap.org, what framework do you use to display those tiles? Are you aware of openlayers.org, leafletjs.org or khtml.org or similar?