Update Needed for Bern Web Map Services in OSM Editor Layer Index

The city of Bern seems to have changed some of its web map services.

When you edit the iD Editor, you get the message below.

Someone should update the OSM editor layer index OSM Editor Layer Index. Unfortunately I don’t know it well enough (rbuffat? Marc_marc?).

Can you open issue at their issue tracker if it does not exist yet?

The WMTS Bern-AmtlicheVermessung still works. All layers of the WMS which used to provide the airial imagery Stadt Bern 10cm (2016) and Stadt Bern 10cm (2020) are now disabled, even though they are still listed on that website.

In Geodatenkatalog only downloads of extracts of small areas (to be delivered by e-mail) can be ordered, it seems.

But working WMS & WMTS URLs can still be obtained: Go to Stadtplan - map.bern.ch, click “Karten” at the bottom right, then for the wanted layer, click “Datenbezug”. Click on the link “WMS” or “WMTS” in section “Service Schnittstellen”. That’ll open a modal dialog within the website displaying the WMS or WMTS URL, together with a button to copy it.

I couldn’t find an existing issue report, so I’ve now filed

JOSM shows the aerial imagery from 2023 around Bern, I guess the URL needs to be updated in ELI.

(I haven’t noticed, since I’m not editing around Bern (at home) with Go Map!! (which uses ELI) due to traveling for a long time.)