update MAP

I have downloaded a map to my garmin 1030 from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl few months ago following the instructions from here https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/05/download-garmin-705800810.html
today I downloaded a new file and unzipped it directly to garmin that I connected to my Macbook (it overwrites the old gmapsup.img present in the SD card) then I ejected the garmin and rebooted it. the newly downloaded file is slightly bigger than the old one
that’s the right procedure for upgrade ? how I can see that the new map is in place ? it only says FRA_31_12_2017 new ? I think the old one was the same.
is there a possibility to check the version of the gmapsup.img file to compare in future upgrades
hope it’s clear and sorry for my english:)
thank you

I use the Garmin tools for updating my maps, can’t remember which of them are in the app store and which I downloaded from garmin.com. There is quite a selection of these tools. They are easy to use, and allow you to do full or parcial reinstall of maps, and have multiple maps installed at the same time (provided their gID is not the same). All except “manual selection” from garmin.openstreetmap.nl have unique gID numbers.

Furtif91, if you check the latest France maps you can see the latest version date, which is 14-01-2018 and later than your version of 31/12/2017, see http://osm.pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de/garmin/generic_new/14-01-2018/55150e9261bc2f5bebc5060e242d76a6/
BTW on your Garmin (Edge?) 1030 you can rename gmapsupp.img to another_name.img but make sure to remove the old img first because it has the same map ID. I also recommend to check and maintain your installed maps on your device with Javawa Device Manager.

thank you ligfietser & skippern