Update GWR address & street data on qa.poole.ch

I’ve updated the GWR data both for Address Counts per Municipality for Switzerland with per municipality address data and OSM - GWR Street and Place Names Comparision for road/place completion statistics to data from yesterday 2024-04-24.

You might have noticed that previously the road data hadn’t been updated since March 2021 (the statistics were still current from an OSM perspective) this was due to the dataset we had utilized since November 2012 no longer being available.

In particular the data provided by the BfS no longer contains information on the type of the street level objects (streets, points, areas, unknown and none). It isn’t clear why this changed, but to work around the issue the analysis is now based on a combination of GWR data from the BfS and street type data from swisstopo (actual provenience unclear). As the street data from swisstopo has slightly different type values and is not generated at the same time as the GWR data we use, slight inconsistencies are to be expected. If you see any unexpected discrepancies please get in contact with me.

The good news is that it is now far easier to update everything, that is at least as long as the input data formats don’t change again :-).


Another update.

As I now have to use the swisstopo street list for better or worse, I’ve added the localisation of the street/places/areas to the non-matching object data (the data that you get if you click on the municipality name), for example http://qa.poole.ch/ch-roads/AG/4001.html Clicking on the coordinates will display the location on openstreetmap.org

If you want to fix a difference, please take in to consideration the notes here OSM - GWR Street and Place Names Comparison - OpenStreetMap Wiki and don’t forget what I mentioned in the previous posting that slight inconsistencies are to be expected.

With other words: “turn brain on” :slight_smile:

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