Unwanted behaviour of JOSM's default drawing mode

I’m using the latest stable version of JOSM and whenever I add a node in the default drawing mode (i.e. after pressing ‘A’), the editor view centers itself on the last added node. This is somewhat handy (read: not that annoying) when drawing roads that are more or less straight as it reduces the need to move the mouse that much but it really gets in the way when drawing stuff with lots of sharp angles and unevenly spaced nodes. Has anybody any idea how to turn it off? I’m not quite sure if it’s behaving like this since the last update or if I’ve turned it on by pressing something by accident. I’ve googled around but I the only somewhat relevant thing that I’ve found is the documentation of the FastDraw plugin which I don’t even have installed.
Many thanks.

Try Ctrl+Shift+F to toggle mode on and off:

https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Shortcuts → Viewport

It is called “Viewport Following” and you can find it in the View menu too (Expert mode only).

Thanks so much, that did it.

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View point following is a mode that I used to accidentally get into from time to time (I hate it with a passion). And since it is an accidental finger slip that gets me there I had no clue on how to get out of it. . . So I went searching the web yet again looking for a thread like this to remind me.

I finally figured out that I could go into the preferences and in the keyboard shortcuts area disable that wretched key combination.

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Would be nice if this were documented in Help/Action/Draw – JOSM.

I just ran into the same problem and it took me 30+ minutes of searching around the JOSM doc and the web to eventually find the solution here.

The documentation is a wiki. If you’d like, you could create an account there and edit the page.

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