Unusual and not documented shop values in Canada

I created listing of unusual and not documented shop values, maybe it will be useful for mappers: User:Mateusz Konieczny/unusual shop values/Canada - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Note that “unusual and not documented” does not mean “wrong” - many should be simply documented.

Some may be fixable remotely:

  • clear typos (shop=suupermarket)
  • written in language other than English but with clear mapping to local language (for example shop selling meat in Polish is “mięsny”, so shop=mięsny is clearly shop=butcher)
  • too specialized tags (shop=coal is better tagged as shop=fuel fuel=coal, shop=office_furniture as shop=furniture furniture=office, shop=indian_spices as shop=spices cuisine=indian)
  • very clear duplicates (shop=hypermarket vs shop=supermarket)
  • shop with website, maybe even linked in OSM object, that allows establishing proper value of shop tag
  • in some cases something is clearly not a shop (shop=factory_producing_widgets is likely man_made=works)
  • needed and valid shop value that should be documented at OSM wiki

Some may require resurvey, if one is luckily in your area you can check it. Or you can create a note and wait for local mapper to resurvey it.
Contacting original mapper may make sense.

Remember, it is better to not edit than break data in case of tagflidling - create note if unclear or unsure.

Let me know if this list is useful but outdated (I will setup refreshing it in such case) or pointless/problematic (I can delete it if it is causing more problems than benefits).

Some improvements can be made to this list… Mayvbe mark cases with nearby notes opened already so these can be skipped for now? And mark cases where website link is available so these can be processed first?
Cases on "entries from list of suspicious ones: " list can get explanations why this values are treated as invalid. Maybe more.

(helping here is useful as it allows to reduce number of not needed and pointless top-level shop values, on 2023-08-14 we had 11 215 distinct shop values, vast majority bogus, broken or not needed. Reviewing such lists also allows us to spot missing shop values, problems with documentation and presets. Repeated appearance of shop value may indicate that wiki or presets should be improved. Maybe iD translation is bad or requires additional aliases for easier search? Maybe OSM wiki would benefit from translating it to local language or being more clear?)

(I can also generate such listing for other areas, let me know if someone is interested)


Thank you for raising these cases. Those who want to address the issues that can be resolved remotely just need to raise their hand. For the other cases, perhaps someone could step forward and make suggestions?


When I saw this topic I had a feeling one of mine would be on there :grin:

This shop=cleaning node is one of mine: Node: ‪Distributions Pla-M‬ (‪11263558102‬) | OpenStreetMap

Far as I could tell from the signage on-site and a look online, Distributions Pla-M is a company that specializes in selling cleaning supplies. I couldn’t find any tags on the wiki that adequately covered that specific type of store, so I went with an undocumented value that had some (minor) existing use in the region. I’d be happy to implement any replacement if you know of a better set of tags!

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Oh, also–if it would help, I’m willing to try and resurvey some shops in the greater Montreal area for more info. Can’t guarantee I’ll get it done soon though, it’s a pretty huge list.

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shop=cleaning_supplies to make clear it is not selling cleaning services? (unless it does)

Not sure is it documented either, but if not I would consider documenting it (I see no decent alternative at Search results for "cleaning supplies" - OpenStreetMap Wiki ).

It would definitely help! I am quite far away from Montreal, so sadly unable to help with this

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Sounds like a great plan! Looking forward to seeing the results.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, life got in the way for a sec. I think shop=cleaning_supplies makes sense as a tag name. I also checked the following with a quick&dirty overpass query over most of North America:

  • shop=cleaning: 10 results. 2 cleaning service, 4 cleaning supplies, 4 mixed/unknown
  • shop=cleaning_supply: 2 results. 2 cleaning supplies
  • shop=cleaning_supplies: 6 results. 5 cleaning supplies, 1 mixed/unknown

(Note that these categories are based on my perception of the name field, and in some cases a quick google search. Not necessarily super-accurate, but gives a general idea)

Going by that, I’ll update the local shop to use shop=cleaning_supplies and see about checking and updating some of the other nearby instances of shop=cleaning & shop=cleaning_supply over time (may be some delay on that though). Beyond that, there’s the wiki documentation. I’ve not done much wiki editing, is it as simple as opening a new page to describe the tag usage in the same vein as other instances of shop=, or is there more to it?

yes, just edit a page that does not exist yet

( Creating a page describing key or value - OpenStreetMap Wiki may be helpful )

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Update: Added a new wiki page for shop=cleaning:

Not too much there right now, but it should be enough for a start. Unless there are any issues to resolve, I’ll try giving the list at the top of this thread a look to see what I can check next.


Regarding shop=marine, I found a comment on one of the nearby nodes that pointed me to this talk page

no shop= tag seems to fit here, this is a marine equipment shop, not a scuba diving one, nor sports, it is also not a dive center or a marina.

Also led me to this rejected proposal, which seemed to be about replacing a bunch of shop values with the general shop=boat. Haven’t dug any deeper into this, but provides some context that could be interesting for figuring out if this needs a new value and how to document it.

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Regarding shop=art_supplies, none are in my area but I recognize the name of the chain Deserres. I would suggest that this one, and most likely all of these, fall under the umbrella of the relatively broad shop=craft


Congratulations! Number of shops (and OSM data in general) in Canada grown and processing of reports started failing!

For now User:Mateusz Konieczny/unusual shop values/Canada - OpenStreetMap Wiki lists only Toronto report, but I can enable also regional reports for other parts of Canada if anyone is interested.

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