Unusual and not documented shop values in Austria

I created listing of unusual and not documented shop values, maybe it will be useful for mappers: User:Mateusz Konieczny/unusual shop values/Austria - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Note that “unusual and not documented” does not mean “wrong” - many should be simply documented.

Some may be fixable remotely:

  • clear typos (shop=suupermarket)
  • written in language other than English but with clear mapping to local language (for example shop selling meat in Polish is “mięsny”, so shop=mięsny is clearly shop=butcher)
  • too specialized tags (shop=coal is better tagged as shop=fuel fuel=coal, shop=office_furniture as shop=furniture furniture=office, shop=indian_spices as shop=spices cuisine=indian)
  • very clear duplicates (shop=hypermarket vs shop=supermarket)
  • shop with website, maybe even linked in OSM object, that allows establishing proper value of shop tag
  • in some cases something is clearly not a shop (shop=factory_producing_widgets is likely man_made=works)
  • needed and valid shop value that should be documented at OSM wiki

Some may require resurvey, if one is luckily in your area you can check it. Or you can create a note and wait for local mapper to resurvey it.
Contacting original mapper may make sense.

Remember, it is better to not edit than break data in case of tagflidling - create note if unclear or unsure.

Let me know if this list is useful but outdated (I will setup refreshing it in such case) or pointless/problematic (I can delete it if it is causing more problems than benefits).

Some improvements can be made to this list… Mayvbe mark cases with nearby notes opened already so these can be skipped for now? And mark cases where website link is available so these can be processed first?
Cases on "entries from list of suspicious ones: " list can get explanations why this values are treated as invalid. Maybe more.

(helping here is useful as it allows to reduce number of not needed and pointless top-level shop values, on 2023-08-14 we had 11 215 distinct shop values, vast majority bogus, broken or not needed. Reviewing such lists also allows us to spot missing shop values, problems with documentation and presets. Repeated appearance of shop value may indicate that wiki or presets should be improved. Maybe iD translation is bad or requires additional aliases for easier search? Maybe OSM wiki would benefit from translating it to local language or being more clear?)

(I can also generate such listing for other areas, let me know if someone is interested)


@Mateusz_Konieczny I’ve lost track of things here. Could you kindly do another manual update? There should only be a handful left. Thank you very much!


BTW, User:Mateusz Konieczny/unusual shop values/Austria: Difference between revisions - OpenStreetMap Wiki can be used to check for modified objects and potentially review changes to rare shop values.

I guess that one additional piece of advise is to add website tags if someone tracked down shop website.

I had a second run and re-tagged some entries to more common values or added already a wiki page when the tag was clear but undocumented. Nevertheless, there are seven “shops” left where community opinions would be nice! (@Mateusz_Konieczny If you have time, maybe one last run to only have the last seven?)


They sell (only) “Infrarotkabinen”. Therefore shop=sauna is wrong and shop=spa is not really accurate. But there is only this one shop using infrared or similar spellings. Is it worth creating a wiki page for that?


They sell “Zimmerbrunnen”. I would tag them as shop=interior_decoration but thats more generic as indoor_fountains - is it worth to seperate them?



They are selling (install) any kind of elevators / lifts. Maybe it’s more a craft? But which one?


They are selling / producing “Blechbearbeitungsmaschinen”. I would go for man_made=works.
On a shady yellow page they are categorized as “Messerschleiferei” - sharpening your knives.


They are selling - I would say “pub games”. In German “Billiard, Dart, Tischfußball, Automaten, Karten, Schach, Spiele, Dekoration etc.”.
shop is matching, but “gambling_machines”? I’m not really sure.


They are installing fences. Definitly a craft but which one?


I like the value, but I also now other similiar shops not only sell equipment for wineries but also for distilleries or even breweries. But of course shop=alcohol_equipment would be wrong! Any ideas?


see also Talk:Tag:shop=fire extinguishers - OpenStreetMap Wiki

(documented values are semi-automatically ingested into my system and I have own notification system about new values, but it requires a manual step to list them)

I would say yes, but I am wiki documentation maximalist. Still, hoping that shop=?????? ??????=??? type of tagging can work here to avoid value fragmentation (no specific ideas, sadly).

shop=alcohol_production_equipment ? (not convinced)

I’m thinking of a very generic tag shop=supplies with a subkey supplies=* for all kinds of suppliers for different trades. This could be winery supplies, distillery supplies and so on.
On the other hand, there are already tags like shop=medical_supply or shop=brewing_supplies with quite high usage.

ok, I had a deeper look into the wiki page of shop=brewing_supplies and it’s not only about brewing beer but also about making spirits or equipment for winery.

Therefore this is “fixed” in my point of view.

@Mateusz_Konieczny In the next run the Austria list should be empty if you add Tag:shop=gaming_machines - OpenStreetMap Wiki and https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop%3Ddoormat to your list of accepted values.

@mcliquid I changed/fixed logic a bit and now list has more values (shop values from my “not entirely sure what should be done with this one” are now listed)