Unusable map with latest planet file


I’m running my custom map on my server, with a custom style. The current version up and running in production (http://map.ewalk.app) uses a planet file from 2019-09-12.
I now want to update the data from the latest planet file on my dev server.

I have a script that will:

  • download the latest file
  • tune the database for the import
  • drop and recreate the database
  • import the PBF
  • create the indexes
  • tune the database for production use

I have already successfully used that script in the past. But if I run it now, my map becomes super slow, like if it was missing all the indexes. Running the script on the 2019-09-12 results in a perfectly usable map.

Did something change since last September in the database schema that could require some modifications on my styles?

Thanks in advance