Untagged nodes on Laos waterways.

In Laos, there has been a number of imports of waterways where I’m presuming, an error has caused the waterway to be plotted with every node on the way, having another single node on top, which carries no tags or relations. One example here :

http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?way=115238461#map=17/19.99863/102.51982 then Zoom out to see the extent of the problem.

I know these untagged nodes do not cause harm, but they are irritating when editing. In Potlatch2 its not easy to delete in bulk so can anyone help with either writing a script to do the job, or suggest an easy way.

At present in P2, I can highlight multiple nodes, de-select any ways, then move them to an area for deletion … but then it will only allow me to delete one node at a time !


I don’t see the problem, Russ. The “nodes” themselves should not carry any tags, and the nodes in your sample area do not. Could you maybe elaborate a bit more?

Dave - are you using Potlatch ? I know u r a JOSM fan !

Try this screenshot :

You can see that way 141625596 has a bunch of nodes sitting on the upper half … I have deleted the ones from the lower. Does that explain the issue to you ?


Hoping this thread hasn’t gone dead without some input from my learned colleagues !

I can confirm the issue: also I see nodes on the waterway which are NOT part of the way. I find them on many waterways in Laos. I checked one of those nodes http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1550235958 and found out that the changeset was created many years ago in an old version of JOSM - by the same user as your example.

Actually, such nodes should be easily found:

  • download the data in JOSM
  • select all
  • run the validator
    These nodes should show up under validation warnings.

There had been problems with partial uploads, especially if the network broke down during upload. JOSM was supposed to handle these situations better than Potlatch, but could still happen. Especially if it came up with a rather cryptic conflict resolution dialog.

You have two typical symptoms. On is just the nodes uploaded, but the final way missing. The other symptom is duplicate nodes from the first upload at the same position of other nodes being part of the way.

Both situations can be detected by our typical quality check tools. While resolving duplicates is typically done by merging them with the existing ones, the single nodes without ways require more checks. Might be also needed to add the missing way.

I see most things added by “Webrian”. He is one of the more experienced mappers in Laos. Met him there once. Unfortunately not much active anymore. You can try sending a message. There might still exist mappers in Laos happy getting some helping hands.

It would appear at first glance, that User “FvGordon” has gone in and quietly done the job I was hoping for:

Thanks Mr. Gordon ! Much appreciated, subject closed.