Unlikely addition to the map, user not responding

Good evening everyone,

whilst looking through my Duplicate Notes list I stumbled upon these edits and notes:

Changeset: 150305951 | OpenStreetMap - created a travel agency with the name “Obóz przymusowej pracy 1940-1945” which is highly unlikely to be correct, the node contains self-promoting links that have nothing to do with the sinister background the name alludes to.

Additionally, there is a memorial further to the south (Node: ‪Kantyna‬ (‪11099247905‬) | OpenStreetMap) and there are three Notes on the travel agency with what I’d think is a representation of an information about the workcamp (Note: 4208601 | OpenStreetMap Note: 4208602 | OpenStreetMap Note: 4208428 | OpenStreetMap).

I DM’d the user at the beginning of the week, without receiving a reply.

Would anyone familiar with the area be able to make the nodes make sense?



For start I made a changeset comment in Changeset: 150305951 | OpenStreetMap

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This is probably just Organic Maps user choosing POI type randomly for what could be a memorial…

It is unclear whether there is anything there at all - memorial or ruins.

And spamming in website tag makes me suspicious…

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