University specific buildings

It looks like we are dumping Google Maps for OSM and I’m just getting started on learning how to edit OSM. I was wondering if there was an official building type called “university” as opposed to “school.” All I can find is the Amenity called “university.” I have our campus buildings set as the “generic building” type, but I was curious if I can add or create more university specific building types like a “dorm.”

Thanks. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I get deeper into this.

Check the list of “building” values currently documented here:

Note that the list of values is not closed. Anyone is free to create new values but it’s always better to check what is already documented in the wiki (see the ‘search’ bar on top), and if not, already in use (for instance, the stat tool can help). See also building=restaurant or building=dormitory.

Happy mapping,

Also note that building=* describes the building, not what it’s used for. So a building=church stays a buidling=church, even if it’s amenity=restaurant and not =place_of_worship.

Thanks. That helped. :slight_smile: