University Map Application Assistance

Hello, I’m new to these forums so please let me know if this isn’t for this board.

I’m a full time university student in the US and I’m tasked with making a fully functional Android app that assists first-year/transfer students navigate their way around the campus. I’ve done some research and I’m wondering if there’s anyway I could see how this map’s back-end works? Meaning, how things are stored, accessed, changed, etc. I’ve been thinking about using an RTree (not a BTree because I’d like 3D) based schema (well, tables) in MySQL but I’m not sure if it’s even worth it due to how small our campus is. It would involve linking actual picture data to a GPS location and routing the student to their destination. It would have to include all the outer pathways on campus, hallways and rooms of each academic building, and be able to sync with the back-end giving directions.

All-in-all, I guess I’m looking for a little bit of guidance on what your experiences are and the feasibility of this task. Also, if there’s a chance I could hook into or even clone a marginal fraction of data collected around our campus for researching this as well.



I recommend to do some research about indoor mapping and 3D map rendering in this forum … see the accordingly listed sub forums here,

and then consult the OSM wiki about “Routing”.