Unesco Global 'Geopark' tagging

Discovered something new to me yesterday while cycle touring the Maiella national park… an Unesco Global Geopark label apparently designated already in 2021.

Reading up, there’s presently 213 worldwide and 165 have a ‘geopark’ tag in OSM, all concentrated in a Polish area, with a number, albeit could not find number references on the official site listing, suspecting this is just a label coincidence. One other ‘geopark’ was found in a 2023 discussion which was about a broken multipolygon rather than the geopark subject.

At any rate, labelled the Maiella park FTM as geopark=yes and url:geopark=* with a link to the Unesco site. (‘Unesco’ has only 60 mentions on OSM). This tag was used on the Irish park with the broken MP and 12 nodes in Hungary, avoiding deviation from prior used tagging, where at officially 213 worldwide too small to get into any tag tizzy, just niche tags for interested parties who’d like to know more.

The UNESCO=* tag has 60 occurrences, is this what you meant? heritage:operator=whc has 2388 occurrences.

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heritage:operator= is for heritage= , which is inapplicable here. They don’t have the same significance. World Heritage has international legal protection. Global Geopark is an international certification on top of the national jurisdiction’s protection.

Indeed a number of them are cross-border and get listed in the respective country groupings so e.g. Schelde Delta shows under Belgium and The Netherlands

geopark=yes would only mean it is a geopark, which can be national, transnational, or “regional”/continental as well. Need to start with at least eg geopark=global .
The problem is geoparks can be applied to any protection, =national_park , other =protected_area , or =nature_reserve , etc. Some complexity in interfacing.
The existing geopark= are freeform text for the naming. They will need to be moved to eg geopark:name= if the above is adopted.

Some more looky looky, found an Unesco Geopark uMap with pins, Maiella absent, so far. Now I know where to see for some tagging that might slip this one in as addition.

Not really, no specific tagging an example

Edit: Dropped a message to the author of the uMap to see what it takes to get the park added.